Speed Test

In this technological age, the common interest of the crowd especially the younger generation is greatly on gadgets and the internet. Telecommunications companies are giving considerable interest in building faster networks, and innovations of technologies like DSL Bonding, Vectoring, Fiber and Satellite, and options for faster and faster connections. But how much internet speed is enough for you?

Determining how much Internet speed you need involves many factors: the total number of Internet users, the various online activities they engage in, the bandwidth necessary for those activities, and how many of those users will be using the Internet simultaneously. The hardest part of the decision may be of figuring out how much bandwidth each activity really uses. Finally, you’ll want to think about all other devices in your home that connect to the Internet and how they use those connections, such as TV receivers, game consoles, smart appliances and more.

These are some terminologies that you need to know to be able to determine just how much internet speed you would need:

First, is ‘streaming’. It is a type of download that is not saved or stored anywhere on your devices—you view or listen as it is continually streamed from another storage location. Streaming only uses enough bandwidth to actually watch a video in real time—you don’t have to download the whole video all at once.

Second is ‘downloading’. It is the actual transfer of the data from one place to another. When you download a movie or a song, get an email, or search and save from the web, you have a copy of the item on your device. Downloads typically use more bandwidth over a shorter period of time than streaming, because if your Internet speed allows it, you can download faster than you can watch.

Last is ‘uploading’. It is similar to downloading, only in reverse—whatever you send is copied to another device or location.

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